About me


I am a South African made with Swiss Perfection as my mum is South African and my dad is Swiss. I was born in South Africa but I did my schooling in Switzerland. I lived in South Africa for many years but decided to settle down in Switzerland with my wife. She is Chinese. As I work in an office full time, painting is a hobby for me. I have always enjoyed art and my school books were filled with drawings. My dad was a fantastic artist and showed me a lot when I was a kid. Unfortunately he passed away in 2000. I only took up painting again a few years ago. That’s why my portfolio is still pretty small. Since 2014 I have my own studio, where I can paint on several easels and don’t have to clean up after. So watch this space! Many more paintings to follow soon.

If you like my art, I would be very happy to paint something for you. May it be a holiday picutre, a Feng Shui painting, a notice for your new born baby or your favourite cartoon character. It won’t be expensive. As long as the costs for the painting materials and shipping are covered, I am happy. If you would like to donate a little extra that is up to you.

Why order some generic digital print, if you can have an original Häring? Contact me and we can discuss the details.

Thank you for visiting my site